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Website Features

Online Site Editor/WebSite Hosting
WebKeeper WebSite Builder's online site guide will walk you through the process of designing your web site from selecting your theme to editing pages. There is online help included at each step. The WebKeeper WebSite Builder site guide sits on top of your site, allowing you to see the progress of your website as you complete each step.

Professionally Designed WebSites
Just because you are using a web browser does not mean that you can not create a high quality interactive web site. With WebKeeper WebSite Builder most of the work has already been done for you. Just plug in information about your organization, and you are ready to go!

WebSite Traffic Statistics
Track visitors to your web site with WebKeeper WebSite Builder's detailed web site traffic statistics. WebKeeper WebSite Builder automatically maintains a count of page views on your web site.

Search Engine Submission
To get vistors to your web site you will want your site submitted to the top Internet search engines such as Altavista, Lycos, and Excite. Each WebKeeper WebSite Builder site includes Internet search engine submission. WebKeeper WebSite Builder provides you with helpful information about setting up your web site to get better rankings in the search engines, including how to add meta-tag keywords to your web site.

E-commerce / Shop Features

Complete Web Site Management Environment
With each WebKeeper WebSite Builder store you will have access to all of the design, editing, and managment features that are available with each web site. Your store will feature a store tab inside your site's editor. Use the store tab to manage your product catalog, and view orders online.

Product Catalog
Easily setup and maintain your product catalog with a WebKeeper WebSite Builder store. From your store manager you can create categories of products and manage the product list that is available within each category. You have the flexibility to add your products anywhere on your web site. Once they are added they are automatically linked with your shopping cart.

Shopping Cart
Your shopping cart is preprogrammed to work with your product catalog. When shoppers click to buy an item it will be added to their cart. The shopping cart is linked to the secure checkout area.

Order Management
You will automatically be notified via email of new orders on your web site. To view your orders simply login to your web site, click the store tab, and click view orders. You can view them online, print them out, or export them to a data file.

Complete Store Solution
With a WebKeeper WebSite Builder store you have the complete solution to your online ecommerce needs. Plug in your information and your store is ready to work for you, selling your products on the Internet.


Shopping Cart Display Settings
Optimise your shopping carts colours, buttons, Quantity, Buy Now buttons and much more.

Product Page

Product Pages
Easily add your product pages, choose categories or products that are to be displayed.

Add Categories
Add a new product categories.

Re-order Categories
Change the order your product categories.

Import/Export Products
Import and export a variety of information from your store manager.

Create Sub-Categories
Sub categories can be created under your main categories.

Order Processing
Process and manage orders including: Invoicing, orders in progress, back orders, orders ready to ship, completed orders, new orders.

Add Products
Item Name, ID, Short Description, Long Description, lots of product options, 2 Images, Sale items, New Arrival, Special Offer and much more.

Keep a track of your stock.

Accept Credit cards
The shopping cart is compatible with many payment gateways and also PayPal.

Gift Certificates
Create Gift Certificates

Customer Database
Customer accounts are automatically created by the shopping cart /checkout process.

Data Transfer Formats
View information about import and export data file formats.

Shipping Options
Add various shipping options, flat rate, tables, Handling fees, Country Settings, Weight based, Free Shipping.

Email Notifications
Emails are sent to the customer and the shop owner upon new sales, these are fully configurable

Coupon manager
Create your own unique coupons and give the coupon codes to your customers and prospects.

Payment Methods
The shopping cart can be configured to accept many payment methods and secure gateways.

Easy PayPal Setup
The shopping cart filly integrates with PayPal,
click here to sign up for PayPal

E-Commerce Tracking
The built in tracking system allow to determine where your orders are coming from. Custom tracking codes can be setup.

Sell Downloadable Products
Enable files to be bought and downloaded. Customers are given time limited links after a purchase has takes place.

News & Updates
Within the admin area there is a section which informs you of all the most recent updates and news.

Email Accounts
Setup email accounts, email forwarders and auto responders.

There are comprehensive support topics and also a: Getting Started, Quick Tips and Ask a Question sections.

Spam Filter
Stop that unwanted junk mail with our spam filter.

Website Hosting
Each Shop Builder account also includes website hosting for your domain.

Web Space
A generous amount of web space is included.

Traffic Statistics
Who's visiting your site? Traffic reports, visitor analysis, marketing reports, total statistics.

Mailing List
Collect visitors emails and create a mailing list. Keep in touch with your visitors by Sending HTML formatted emails.

Online Site Editor
Build and edit your website whenever you like using the site editor.

Unlimited Pages
Build as many pages as you like.

Marketing & Search Engines
Easily submit to the top search engines with one click.

Layout Design
Over 90 professional templates and layouts to choose from.

Logo Builder
Create your own logo and site title to appear in your banner/header.

Website Colours
Generate your own colour scheme from the colour palette or use one of the pre-defined schemes.

File Manager
View, sort and delete all your uploaded files and images using the file manager.

Header & Images
Choose and customize an animated flash header. Upload your own logo and images.

Menu Design
Change and customize your menu buttons, bullets and styles.

Fonts & Title Styles
Make a default font, change pages title styles.

Page Width
You can change the page width of the site 640, 800 pixels or 80% 90% 100%

Flash Intro Builder
A generous amount of web space enough for 100's of pages is included.

Design Manager
Use the design manager to save and select up to 3 unique design variations of your site.

www - Domain Names
Register and add domain names to your website

Blank Page

Page Layouts
A variety of page layouts are available or you can add your own HTML code

Feedback Page

Feedback Forms
Create customised feedback forms using standard fields, radio buttons, drop down boxes, tick boxes and comments.

Faq Page

FAQ Pages
Easily add frequently asked questions pages by giving your questions and answers

Site Map

Site Map
Add a site map for people to easily find what's on your site

Polling Booth

Polling Booth
Add polling booths to get peoples votes or opinions

Your Account
Your account information, plans, billing and passwords

As well as all the above features you can add a variety of components to each page

Text components
With text components you can add pre-built layouts of text and images to your pages.

Text paragraph (customize by adding your own images)
Text with a bolded title and an image to the left
Text with a bolded title and an image to the right
Text with an image to the left where the text wraps around the image
Text with an image to the right where the text wraps around the image
Text with an image to the left
Text with an image to the right
A centered image with text below
Text with an image to the left and a caption below the image
Bulleted list of text (add bullets, or numbers)
FAQ Manager (Frequently Asked Questions)

Link components
Use link components to link to other web sites, pages on your site, email accounts or uploaded files.


Text with a linked header.
Text with a linked header and an image to the left
Text with a linked header and an image to the right
Text with a linked header and centered image
An image link
A list of links
A map link

Image components
Easily upload and manage images on your site with the image components. Choose from a single image or a pre-programmed image gallery or rotator.


An image
A image link
A gallery of images
A rotating image list
An image bar
An image bar with a detailed image
A sliding image bar

Store/Ecommerce components
Ecommerce can be added to any page on your site. You can add a product, a category of products, or an entire product directory to any page on your site.


A product directory. Shows all of the categories in your store
A product category. Shows all the products within a given category
A product item. Shows one product from your catalog
UPS and U.S.P.S online shipping tracking

Standard components
The standard components let you add basic features to your site as well as insert your own custom HTML.


A divider line
A page counter. Counts how many times someone views the page
A group box with a title bar
HTML. Insert any html you need onto the page.
Page Title. Insert titles with dividers into your pages.

Interactive components
Communicate and interact with visitors to your site using interactive components such as custom forms and polling booths.


Form builder. Build a form to get information from your visitors.
Guest book. Let visitors to your site sign your guest book
Calendar of events
Polling. Let visitors vote in your own online poll.
Site mailing list signup.

Multimedia components
The media components let you put media files and animations on your site.


Media file. Put sound and video on your site.
Flash animations. Choose from our set of flash animations
Custom Flash animation. Upload your own flash animation and flash HTML codes.
Horizontal text fader
Animated text

Marketing components

Site referral. Let visitors to your site refer others.


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